The Workbook Is Here! Practices for a Resilient Response in Times of Uncertainty


Here at Big Bright Dark, we’ve not stopped thinking about questions of making meaning and making our way in times of uncertainty.

Before the Coronavirus transformed our lives, we were developing a workbook of practices to support resilient responses to the climate crisis.

And then… things changed! Or did they? We went back and saw that these resources are essentially about finding our centre, our source(s) of connection and our wise action(s) in a time of flux, fear, grief, possibility, etc… Times that call on us to respond despite all that we don’t know and in the midst of big feelings.

So! Here is it is. Version One. We will likely add, update, adjust these practices as we learn with all of you. Please get in touch with your feedback.

May these resources be a support to you and your people.

With love,


Towards a Big Bright Dark - Practices for Uncertainty

Towards a Big Bright Dark – Practices for Uncertainty [PDF download]