Crystal Smith

Episode: 05

Generation Hot

Kanon Hewitt, Crystal Smith, Krys Yuan

They were born after 1988, the year global warming became a household term. So, what’s it like to grow up in the shadow of the climate crisis? In 2016, the theatre company, The Only Animal, asked 10 artists this question. And we got to talk to three of them. Turns out they have anger. They have hope. They have advice for all of us.

Music by: Good Old Neon, Scott Holmes, The Hathaway Family Plot | Photo by: Clarence Grant

Leah Abramson in the summer wearing a denim tank dress staring to the left, water and shore behind her. Photography by Angela Fama

Episode: 04

The Seas of our Loss

Leah Abramson

Leah Abramson is a Vancouver-based musician who immersed herself in the world of Northern Resident Orca whales to write her recent album, and masters’ thesis, Songs for a Lost Pod. We speak with Leah about the musical inspiration in obscure research projects, about the lessons of forgiveness in unexpected places, and about the ways a family history of trauma can connect us to the animals with whom we share the seas.

Spoken word included in the episode is by Barbara Adler.

Laura, smiling to the sun, where sunglasses and a hat

Episode: 03

Written in the Land

Laura Wee Lay Laq

20 years ago Laura Wee Lay Laq made a choice that ultimately transformed her relationships with her ancestors, with her future and with the land itself.  In this episode we explore the power of a few simple and honest questions about who we are, about where we come from, and questions about to whom and to what we are accountable.