Laura, smiling to the sun, where sunglasses and a hat

Episode: 03

Written in the Land

Laura Wee Lay Laq

20 years ago Laura Wee Lay Laq made a choice that ultimately transformed her relationships with her ancestors, with her future and with the land itself.  In this episode we explore the power of a few simple and honest questions about who we are, about where we come from, and questions about to whom and to what we are accountable.

Episode: 02

What’s Activism Got to Do with It?

Pia Massie

Whether you identify as an ‘activist’ or not, the word is undergoing a kind of fashionable comeback lately. In this episode we look at what a life of activism can teach us about ourselves, our motivations and the stories we tell about the world. Think of it as an audio advice column, or a six-step program for wiser living – relevant to those of us who do and do not feel that activism has something do with it.

image of one bee close up

Episode: 01

And the Bees Were Calling Me

Heather Talbot

Have you ever looked at what’s happening in our world and felt powerless? Ever looked at your career and thought, am I having a big enough impact on the issues that matter? Have you ever wondered if others cared about any of this as much as you? In our first episode, we unpack some of these questions through a story of bee encounters that helped propel one woman across continents, into new forms of work and home to herself. [Heather Talbot Fine Art]