Global Warming and the Sweetness of Life. A Tar Sands Tale

Episode: 07

Global Warming and the Sweetness of Life: a Conversation

Matt Hern, Am Johal

What does it take to confront the realities of global warming and find the sweetness of life? Authors, Matt Hern and Am Johal, open up about their own struggles with this question, the journey they took to answer it, and the book they wrote about it all.


Episode: 06

Hello beautiful; a Genesis story retold

Laura Duhan-Kaplan

What happens when a Rabbi walks into a church on Earth Day? She upends the story of Genesis and provides a powerful reminder that we are here thanks to the labour of all creatures with whom we share this place. Plus, she kicks it off with a really sweet anecdote about meeting a hornet at a coffee shop.

Crystal Smith

Episode: 05

Generation Hot

Kanon Hewitt, Crystal Smith, Krys Yuan

They were born after 1988, the year global warming became a household term. So, what’s it like to grow up in the shadow of the climate crisis? In 2016, the theatre company, The Only Animal, asked 10 artists this question. And we got to talk to three of them. Turns out they have anger. They have hope. They have advice for all of us.

Music by: Good Old Neon, Scott Holmes, The Hathaway Family Plot | Photo by: Clarence Grant